How to apply vinyl


Ensure that the surface to which you are applying the vinyl is clean and free from dust/dirt.

This is really important if you want the best outcome. 

You do not want the surface to be damp so ensure it has fully dried before you start the application process.

Cut to size

Line up the vinyl to the surface you will be applying it to, then cut using scissors or a craft knife.

Allow a small excess which can be trimmed on completion rather than leaving yourself too short.

Glow up (the fun part)

Start with a corner and then remove a couple of centimetres of the backing.

Line up with the surface edge and using a squeegee or any other soft tool (nothing sharp that might scratch the surface) smooth over the vinyl to ensure it is stuck down.

Repeat process, each time removing a little more of the backing, smoothing out as you go.

Take your time with this part to prevent air bubbles from forming and therefore allow the best finish.

Continue until all vinyl is stuck down.


Once you have applied the vinyl, if there is a need to trim the excess then I recommend doing this with a craft knife.

Now you can stand back and enjoy your fabulous glow up!

Top tips

This vinyl is for decorative purposes only - although is waterproof, steamproof and wipeable.
It is best applied to smooth surfaces (any rough surfaces should be sanded first)
The beauty of vinyl is that if it does go wrong, simply peel it back and start again.
For wall application, ensure you overlap slightly to allow for the best finish.