Our Story

The idea for the brand came about as a result of moving to a new build home and the urgent need to eliminate all traces of standard-issue magnolia! Without the skills needed to wallpaper, nor the time or patience to learn them during lockdown at home with two small children, the hunt for alternatives began. This was how, why and when I discovered the fabulous potential and versatility of self-adhesive vinyl. It was almost the perfect solution, but the designs available weren’t quite quirky enough for my taste, and - drum roll… the idea for get Kooky was born! 

We set about creating a range of bespoke designs, aiming to please anyone with similar desires to style up their interiors, or revamp an item of furniture to put their own stamp on their home and make them stand out from the bland and boring. I’m thrilled with the results and hope you will be too. The product is quick and easy to apply, offering and almost-instant way to refresh or completely transform your home without breaking the bank.

I so wish I’d had access to this product over the years of renting properties in London! With this I could quickly and easily have put my own stamp on our homes in the knowledge that when it came to leave, I could remove it causing minimal damage without upsetting the landlord or risking our deposit!